4 Essential Windows 10 Tips

Microsoft has finally released Windows 10 – the latest version of its operating system. With its release, there are a number of tweaks that can be tried in order to personalize Windows 10 for your use.

Here are 4 essential Windows 10 tips:


1: Make Cortana More Useful

The new Cortana digital assistant can really come in handy if you want it too. Take the time to let her know your interests. Open Cortana and go to the Notebook section. Looks at the sections mentioned there so as to select news topics, alerts and other information that you’d like to see. You can even ask Cortana these questions too.

2: Master the World of Virtual Desktops

This is really good news. Virtual desktops are finally a part of Windows 10. For this, the Task View button in the taskbar will display all your created virtual desktops. Depending on your hardware, you can use as many virtual desktops as you see fit. It will not only show you software open in each virtual desktop but you can also move programs from one desktop to another.

3: Start using Metro Again

Some people might want to get back the Metro screen in Windows 8. You can force Windows 10 to use the Metro interface by opening the taskbar at the lower right-hand corner and then selecting Tablet Mode. You can find more option in ‘Tablet Mode settings’ in Cortana and which you will have to explore.

4: Schedule your restarts

With Windows 10, you cannot skip updates but you can schedule when restarts take place. For this, you have to go to Windows Update located in the Settings app and the Security and Update section. Of course, you can head to the Advanced section and select an option where Windows can notify when an update is ready to be installed.