4 Ways to Protect Your Home As Simply As Possible

With this Internet of Things boom taking place, more devices are connecting to the World Wide Web. Yet security remains a concern since most of these devices have poor security systems.

It’s important, to say the least. Even if this has been ignored and cause users loss in the long run. So, here are 4 ways to protect your home as simply as possible:


1: Lock Down The Router

Routers are figuratively a digital doorway to your home. A poorly-secured router can give an online attacker access to all the home automation devices on the network. To prevent this, invest in a router with a strong security password. It also runs the most current firmware too.

2: Prevent Device Tampering

Spending two minutes of time with a device will not give an attacker access. Yet devices with a USB update mechanism can be vulnerable according to studies. To prevent any kind of tampering, make sure you place these devices well out of people’s reach. This is especially for devices that have a management port.

3: Opt for a Cloud Service

There are cloud services that help people to manage automation devices. A couple of example include ADT and Vivint. They cost money and can cause security or privacy issues if they aren’t secured properly. That said, the security provider does a better job of securing the service than a home user can. Make sure you spend money from your end to make home-automation secure. Also, pick a complex password as well as use two-factor authentication.

4: Opt for a Name Brand

Most companies in home automation do not take security seriously. This is why you have to find one that is committed to the security of the products. In other words, opt for a name brand that has been around for a while. You can be sure that they will stand behind their product and push out updates.