Free Programming for SAM4s Cash Registers



SAM4 cash registers are among the most reliable and dependable products in the industry. From entry-level cash registers designed for small businesses to heavy duty units that are ideal for quick service locations such as bakeries, coffee shops and bars, there are an almost limitless amount of SAM4 units to choose from. They all have the legacy of industry-leading technology combined with top-rate manufacturing and materials.

One of the stumbling blocks for many businesses when ordering SAM4 cash registers is the programming. It’s important to have the machine set up to reflect their unique needs in order to quickly take orders and receive payments. Programming machines can be time-intensive and costly.

Cash Registers Online is making is easy for anyone to get the programming they need on their new machines. The leading retailer of cash registers and cash register supplies is currently offering free programming on all new SAM4 cash registers. This includes the ability to design and print custom keyboards, business-specific headers and footers on receipts, the addition of up to 63 items with descriptions, prices and tax rates and up to four discounts and tax rates. Additional programming is available for $80 an hour.

This program is the ideal opportunity for new or expanding businesses to find the right cash register and have it customized to fit their workflow. The free SAM4 cash register programming offered by Cash Registers Online can save businesses hours of headaches and hundreds of dollars in custom programming costs.