Beamz Player Review: Create Music by Playing with Light

beamz-playerJust because you never learned to play the sax or keyboard doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy tinkering and steering the sounds they’re capable of creating. If you want to do just that, you need to get your hands on the Beamz. It’s a new kind of musical instrument that lets you create and play music with notes from a variety of instruments in a way you wouldn’t have imagined before: by dancing, or sort of. So how do you play it and why is it called Beamz? [READ MORE]

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Tylt Energi Review: Backup Battery & Charger For Cell Phones

tylt energiIt’s sleek, it’s compact, and it will completely charge your cellphone even when there’s nary an electrical socket in sight. Meet TYLT’s Energi. This nifty travel charger with built-in battery will save you many hassles, especially during those times when you’re already feeling harried. Think back to the last time you had to endure a longer-than-expected stay at an airport terminal and every single socket you could locate remained occupied, uninterruptedly, the whole time you waited for your flight to arrive. [READ MORE]

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