10 Things to Look for in CES 2013

Article Written by Shaun An

10 things to expect

The world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, CES 2013, is around the corner, which means it’s time to take a look at some of the most anticipated products that will be featured at the event. Here are the top ten products we’re expecting to see this year:

4K TVs

Although most people haven’t had the chance to purchase a 720p TV or an impressive 1080p HDTV, the tech industry isn’t waiting for them to catch up before launching its latest toys. This year, the latest and greatest TVs on the market are the 4K televisions. What is a 4k TV? It’s 3840×2160 pixels of ultra hi-definition goodness. Nearly every major consumer electronics manufacturer has one to show off this year, so stay tuned!

Bendy Displays

Say goodbye to stiff displays. The latest display technology makes it possible for laptops, tablets, and smartphones to feature flexible displays you can bend back and forth like plastic. This year’s CES tradeshow is the best place for manufacturers to showcase their flexible displays. We’re excited for the possible products by Samsung and iPhone.

Multi-purpose Tablets

Computers of old step aside. Imagine a keyboard that turns into a case and stand, or a keyboard you can detach at any time: Introducing the latest technology for computers and tablets, shape shifting or multi-purpose tablets. Could Apple possible give us one of these?

Wearable Technology

Google made big headlines when it introduced to the world its Project Glass technology glasses. However, the tech giant isn’t the only company interested in computers you can wear. This year’s CES tradeshow might just showcase wearable technology by other major manufacturers.

Superpower Gadgets

Plastic is gaining superpowers.  Although it won’t be available to purchase for many years down the line, the latest technology in materials has paved the way for plastic that is nearly indestructible. What does this mean? Perhaps smart phones and other electronic toys you can’t destroy by dropping on the floor.

Voice Technology in Vehicles

At CES 2012, we’re expecting to see many new products that feature in-vehicle voice control technology. Why not, that voice technology works and is practically already in cars via Siri?

Cloud Gaming

Although we can’t expect cloud gaming service OnLive to replace traditional console and mobile games, technology in this field continues to improve. CES 2013 might just feature a cloud gaming service with better quality images and better games. Perhaps even Sony and Microsoft might introduce their own versions via PlayStation 4 and new Xbox.

Low-cost OLED Displays

Manufacturers unveiled OLED (organic light emitting diode) TVs at last year’s CES; however the focus this year will be making it available for the consumer.  CES 2013 might just features low-cost OLED displays that outperform current LCD, LED and plasma TVs.

HD Smart Phone Displays

High definition displays are in, which means pixel-per-inch scores of 400 or more will be featured at this year’s CES. Welcome incredible detail!

Health and Fitness

Health and technology are getting closer, as more and more people consider healthy living. This year, we’re expecting to see many new gadgets designed for healthy living, such as gadgets to monitor running and cycling, and much more.