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CES 2014 Booth Babes

Article by Shaun An Last week we attended Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014). As always, this is the biggest electronics show of the year and if you never been there, it is quiet an experience. It is so big, that you probably need the full 4 days to visit every booth. I was there only […]

3 Ways to Use an Old PC

Article by Pierre Zarokian If you’ve just bought a new PC, you might wonder what must be done with the old one, which is in all probability, gathering dust in a corner of your home. If you’re thinking that it’s time to send it to the recycling heap, think again. Here are 3 ways of […]

How to Cool Down an Overheated Laptop

Article by Pierre Zarokian Heat is not good for any computer. The hotter it gets, the greater danger of malfunctions and crashes or even permanently damaging your hardware. Although laptops don’t emit as much heat as a desktop does, the truth is that laptops are less ventilated than desktops. With that said, it’s important to […]

How to Install Any Version of Windows From any Disk That You Can Find

Article by Pierre Zarokian One of the common problems that Windows users face is not possessing a Windows Recovery Disc, thanks to manufacturers not distributing them out anymore. Worse still is the fact that new PCs don’t optical drives either. But there’s a solution: it involves procuring a Windows ISO files as well as Ei.cfg […]

5 Ways to Increase your Download Speed

Article by Shaun An Are you experiencing slow download speeds? Considering the latest developments in technology, that is required these days to enjoy the entertainment that the internet has to offer, almost all of us, would have faced this problem at some point or the other. So, here are some ways by which you can […]

How Does Blackberry Email Work?

A Blackberry is a convenient tool that allows you to communicate with others on the go. Because of this, Blackberry phones are great for businessmen, students, or anybody else who is always out and about. Using your Blackberry, you can place calls, send and receive SMS messages, and send and receive emails. But, how does […]

How to Enable or Disable Emergency Alerts

Your smartphone has emergency alerts that can come in handy when the need arises. Apart from not-so-critical information, these alerts can give you warnings about natural disasters, AMBER alerts, dangerous weather conditions or even the news. Android, for that matter, has a number of options that you can use at your disposal in regard to […]

3 Google Docs Apps That Can Add Value to Your Work

Even if Microsoft Office will never be on par with Google Docs, there are a number of features that add value to the ease and simplicity that comes with this set of apps. That said, here are 3 apps that bear testament to this fact: #1: Research Tool Apart from Google’s search function, this tool […]

How CPM Fits Into Engagement

According to the chief of media for MasterCard, the ability to micro-target audience segments has kept CPM relevant to engagement. Consumers who are engaged with an ad tend to buy the products, and are more motivated to see similar ads for related products. Display advertising is still one of the fastest growing segments in Internet […]

Using a GPS in Cayman Islands

Written by: Andys Rent-A-Car If you plan to visit the Cayman Islands, you have a few options to get around. Bus is the cheapest aside from walking, but it can take a long time to arrive at your destination. Walking isn’t viable past your hotel, as most attractions are at least a few miles from […]

Optimize Your Employee’s Time

By Allied Time Are you in the business of getting the most from your employees? If not, then you aren’t going to be in any business for long. The problems that go along with not actively tracking what your employees do and how they do it form a very long, very depressing and very expensive […]

Samsung Electronics seeks China comeback with first metallic smartphones

By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled two mid-tier handsets with a premium design as it prepared to deliver a riposte to its low-priced Chinese rivals and reclaim its title as the top brand in the world's biggest smartphone market. Samsung's smartphone woes began late last year and persisted through July-September, with its global market share down on... [Read more]

Sony reports narrower second-quarter loss than estimated on strong PlayStation 4 sales

By Sophie Knight TOKYO (Reuters) – JTechnology Newsan's Sony Corp reported a second-quarter operating loss on Friday that was narrower than analysts had estimated, as blockbuster sales of its PlayStation 4 games console reduced the impact of a sluggish smartphone division. The result – unexpected after Sony took an impairment charge of 176 billion yen ($1.58 billion) on its mobile... [Read more]

Samsung Electronics third-quarter operating profit down 60.1 percent on year

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said third-quarter profit fell 60.1 percent from a year earlier to the lowest in more than three years, as earnings for the mobile division continued to shrink. The world's top smartphone maker on Thursday reported a July-September operating profit of 4.1 trillion won ($3.90 billion), in line with its estimates issued earlier in October. Profit... [Read more]

Wal-Mart and allies in face-off with Technology Newsple Pay over mobile payments

By Nathan Layne and Nandita Bose CHICAGO (Reuters) – Suddenly it's Technology Newsple versus Wal-Mart in the fight for shoppers' digital wallets. With the development of a new mobile payment system, a group of retailers led by Wal-Mart Stores is aiming to upend the $4.5 trillion credit card market and control the precious transaction data generated at the checkout line.     The... [Read more]

JTechnology Newsan’s SoftBank kicks off $10 billion India online spree, buys stake in SnTechnology Newsdeal

By Nivedita Bhattacharjee and Indulal PM MUMBAI (Reuters) – JTechnology Newsanese telecom and media group SoftBank Corp has set its sights on Indian e-commerce in its aggressive expansion drive, saying it will invest about $10 billion in the booming sector as it took a strategic stake in one of its rising stars. Masayoshi Son, chief executive of SoftBank, laid out a 10-year investment plan for... [Read more]