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CES 2014 Booth Babes

Article by Shaun An Last week we attended Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014). As always, this is the biggest electronics show of the year and if you never been there, it is quiet an experience. It is so big, that you probably need the full 4 days to visit every booth. I was there only […]

How to Cool Down an Overheated Laptop

Article by Pierre Zarokian Heat is not good for any computer. The hotter it gets, the greater danger of malfunctions and crashes or even permanently damaging your hardware. Although laptops don’t emit as much heat as a desktop does, the truth is that laptops are less ventilated than desktops. With that said, it’s important to […]

How to Install Any Version of Windows From any Disk That You Can Find

Article by Pierre Zarokian One of the common problems that Windows users face is not possessing a Windows Recovery Disc, thanks to manufacturers not distributing them out anymore. Worse still is the fact that new PCs don’t optical drives either. But there’s a solution: it involves procuring a Windows ISO files as well as Ei.cfg […]

5 Ways to Increase your Download Speed

Article by Shaun An Are you experiencing slow download speeds? Considering the latest developments in technology, that is required these days to enjoy the entertainment that the internet has to offer, almost all of us, would have faced this problem at some point or the other. So, here are some ways by which you can […]

How Does Blackberry Email Work?

A Blackberry is a convenient tool that allows you to communicate with others on the go. Because of this, Blackberry phones are great for businessmen, students, or anybody else who is always out and about. Using your Blackberry, you can place calls, send and receive SMS messages, and send and receive emails. But, how does […]

3 Ways to Keep Files On Your Flash Drives Safe

If there’s anything that’s true about flash drives, they can be lost quite easily. You have to ensure they safe whether they’re in your possession or not. Here are 3 ways to make sure to keep your files safe: 1: Buy an encrypted drive The first option is to buy a flash drive with encryption […]

You Need AC on the Go

By MovinCool One of the many features everyone looks for when moving into a house is air conditioning. Sure, there are all kinds of other things to look for as well, but at the end of the day, if you don’t have cold air circulating during hot summer days, your home is going to be […]

Never Be Without the Power You Need

By Start Pac Does your company run off power? Of course it does! The vast majority of them do. However, your business may be one of those that need as much power as possible and need it to be mobile too. Does this sound familiar? If so, you need a formidable supply of lithium batteries […]

How to Find the Right Antivirus Software Easily For Your System

There were times when you had only two choices when it came to PC anti-virus software: Norton or McAfee. Of course, all that has changed since there are more than a dozen antivirus programs around these days. A number of them have a free version on offer too. Some of them include Trend Micro, Avast, […]

Learn how a portable air conditioner works

Written by MovinCool Unlike the window air conditioners, portable air conditioners function quite differently. A portable air conditioner does not require any installation. A portable air conditioner works on the principle of using the air inside the room rather than sucking air from outside. When warm and humid air is pulled in by the system, […]

Sao Paulo mayor proposes regulations for Uber, avoiding ban

Sao Paulo will introduce new regulations to govern ride-sharing services such as Uber instead of backing an outright ban proposed by local Brazilian lawmakers, the mayor of South America's biggest city said on Thursday. Mayor Fernando Haddad said at a press conference that the city would create a new class of taxis known as “black cabs,” which will accommodate Uber vehicles, and allow... [Read more]

Dell looking at $50 billion EMC deal to boost corporate presence

Dell Inc is in talks with banks to fund a $50 billion-plus takeover of data storage company EMC Corp, sources familiar with the matter said, as the world's No.3 PC maker looks to beef up its cloud-based offerings for corporate customers. The potential acquisition, which would be the largest technology sector deal on record, would help Dell diversify away from the stagnant personal computer market... [Read more]

Europe-U.S. data transfer deal used by many firms ruled invalid

By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The EU's highest court struck down a deal that allows thousands of companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the United States, in a landmark ruling on Tuesday that follows revelations of mass U.S. government snooping. Many companies, both U.S. and European, use the Safe Harbor system to help them get around cumbersome checks to transfer... [Read more]

Samsung Electronics third-quarter profit guidance beats estimates

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Wednesday its July-September operating profit likely leTechnology Newst 79.8 percent from a year earlier, beating expectations and pushing the South Korean tech giant's share price sharply higher. Samsung, in a regulatory filing, estimated its third-quarter profit at 7.3 trillion won ($6.29 billion), its first quarterly profit gain in two years and its biggest... [Read more]

Google in talks to invest in chat company Symphony: source

(Reuters) – Google, which has now morphed into holding company Alphabet Inc, is in talks with messaging startup Symphony Communication Services LLC for a round of fundraising, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. Symphony's chat service allows financial firms, corporate customers and individuals to put all of their digital communications on one centralized platform. The Wall... [Read more]