2011 Numbers Spike for Portable Device Activation and App Downloads

Article Submitted by Adam Smith of Moba Project

Not that oranges are edible objects to scorn at when pulled from a velvety Christmas stocking, but the estimated 6.8 million folks who retrieved an Apple or Android mobile device from the socks hanging from the faux chimney (in California, at least), on X-mas would concede that the object they got was the better of the two choices.

Flurry Analytics took a hard look at the numbers and concluded that on December 25th, 6.8 million smartphones and tablets, combined, were activated worldwide. Flurry Analytics tallied the numbers by tracking activity on 140,000 apps. There was no disclosure about the individual totals for the two device brands. But what is known is that last Christmas only 2.5 million devices were activity, and 2011’s showing expresses a tremendous growth. It’s believed that approximately 10 billion apps were downloaded this year. In a two-hour span on Christmas, 7pm and 9pm, peopled downloaded 15 million apps.