3 Ways to Make Using Windows 8 Easier

Almost anyone who has reviewed Windows 8 has brought up the annoying subject of how annoying the Metro interface really is.

Is it difficult to learn, first-time users might ask?

Yes. Yet the reality is that you don’t have to learn how to use the interface if you don’t want to. The reason for this is because with a few tweaks, you can make your Windows 8 look and work just as well as earlier Windows versions.

So, here are 3 ways to make using Windows 8 easier:

#1: Ignore the existence of Metro
Since it does mean a bit more work when using Metro, most reviewers believe that switching to Desktop mode is a better idea. It’s more like Windows 7, and much easier to use in the process. You can always come back to Metro if you want but clicking the Desktop tile in the lower-left corner of your collection of tiles. Another option will be to hold down Win-D.

#2: Install a Start Button
But of course, once you switch to the Desktop option, you’ll notice that there isn’t a Start Button. While there’s word that an upcoming Windows 8 update will include the addition of a Start button, one can also opt for third-party software such as the Win8 Start Button, which includes all the possible themes of the Start button.

#3: Boot straight to Desktop mode
Instead of logging into Metro and then switching to Desktop mode, it’s a better idea for you to log into the Desktop mode directly. Of course, Windows 8 doesn’t give you this option but the aforementioned Win8 StartButton. You won’t have to do much other than install and find yourself looking at a familiar interface once you boot in.