Beat The High Cost Of Entertainment With A Customized Home Theater

Maybe you’ve taken your family out to the movies in recent times to see a feature film playing at a first-run house and gotten a case of sticker shock. Among the out-of-pocket expenses you’re footing the bill for may be parking, tickets to the theater and refreshments, which often cost more than the tickets. Maybe you had a light meal before the movie, or plan to have a snack afterwards. When the night’s tally for entertainment finally comes together you’re liable to find that you’ve spent a pretty substantial chunk of change.

It’s likely to be at the exact moment when you figure out the night’s final bill that you begin wondering about alternatives to the quite expensive night out at the movies. Sure, it’s great to have activities that the whole family can enjoy together. And since everyone loves the movies, it’s hard to give up this pricey family ritual.

But why not think a bit about home entertainment? If you could find a way to bring that big-screen entertainment into your home instead of paying for tickets to see it you’d save a bundle.

That’s why investing in a home theater might be just the right move for you and your family. You could stay at home, make your own popcorn, pour your own soda and enjoy films at home in the comfort of your private viewing space.

If that sounds like a lavish investment, you should look at how much you spend in a year for babysitters, parking, movie tickets, refreshments and other incidental expenses that come up when you go out to the movies. You just might find that a home theater would pay for itself in just a couple of years. And just think, you’ll get years and years of enjoyment out of your own private movie theater.

Choose a room in the house you’d like to devote to entertaining, and picture it with rows of home theater seats, a wide-screen video monitor, a terrific sound system and lights on dimmers that will give you the full movie theater experience. You could even set up a velvet rope at the entranceway to give the space a more exclusive ambience.

You can get as extravagant as you’d like with your choice of home theater chairs, which can range from the most basic to cushy, plush crushed velvet jobs with their own refreshment trays built in and full reclining and foot rest capability. How could you not be totally comfortable in a theater like that?

And best of all, it’s right in your own home. No need to drive anywhere and park. No need for babysitters. You can even install your own popcorn and drink machines if you’re so inclined.

Next time when the family wants to see a movie together, don’t think about going out — start planning for those family nights you’ll spend at the good old family homestead. You’ll enjoy it a lot!

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