How Does Blackberry Email Work?

A Blackberry is a convenient tool that allows you to communicate with others on the go. Because of this, Blackberry phones are great for businessmen, students, or anybody else who is always out and about. Using your Blackberry, you can place calls, send and receive SMS messages, and send and receive emails. But, how does Blackberry email work? There are a couple different options to get Blackberry email set up. You can either integrate an existing email address to send messages to your phone, or you can set up a Blackberry email address that will allow others to email directly to your phone.

To integrate an existing email address and configure it to send messages to your Blackberry, open the main menu and select “Set Up”. From the set up menu, select the email or messaging set up option. Select the option that says “Add an Email Account”. Select your relevant email address provider from the menu. Yahoo, AOL, and GMail are just a few of the options. Enter your user name and password and you’re finished. You can now access your emails through the messaging folder on your Blackberry.

If you don’t have an existing email address and want to set up a Blackberry email account, follow the same steps to integrate an existing email address up until you must select the email provider. Instead of selecting an existing provider, select the option that says, “Need an Email Address?” Follow the prompts to set up your own Blackberry email address.

Once you have set up email on your Blackberry, whether it be through a Blackberry email address or other integrated company address, you can now manage all of your messages with ease from the same device. Your emails will show up just the same as SMS messages, making it easy to read and respond to them on the go.