How The Time Clock System Has Evolved

Written by Allied Time

Time tracking and clock system have in the past been regarded as not being particularly advantageous to employees other than keeping track of their attendance and working hours. However, these systems, along with the use of technology, have perfected themselves. These sophisticated systems now offer possibilities and features that present benefits to employees.

Seen from an investment point of view for the company, these systems would not be needing the installation of expensive hardware. Time clocks have evolved to become increasingly smaller devices and the cost has considerably reduced making it possible to place them in several locations for the convenience of employees. Certain systems also provide the possibility of mobile applications that enable field employees to keep track of their attendance and time in remote locations.

From the employer’s stance, these systems help in the elimination of buddy clocking. Some biometric systems identify the person using facial recognition. Some time clock online systems enable the compilation of attendance data to be used for performance reviews and the calculation of attendance bonuses.

From the side of the employees, these systems empower them to remain accountable since they have access to their attendance and performance data. This accountability might trigger improvements in their attendance habits and might help them in the setting of targets to reach ideal attendance score. These systems also promote transparency within the workplace.

Allied Time has been in the time clock systems and business machines industry since the year 1967. The company now also proposes online time clock systems.