How to Bring Your Favorite Programs and Applications with You

There are instances wherein you want to access a program from a computer anywhere you want but since it is installed in your PC, you may think this is not possible. Also, when your computer is running low on memory and there is no room for an upgrade in your system, and there is no chance for you to redo the partition of your hard drive, you end up thinking of ways to solve the problem. The answer to all you worries is a USB device. Yes, nowadays, because of the revolution of technology, you can actually store programs and applications in your USB drive and run it on any computer. Read below to find 3 useful tips on how you can do this.

Portable Applications

Portable applications can be downloaded from a lot of websites. These are applications which do not need any installation and can be run instantly. Today, there are a lot of portable applications available like software, games and the like.

Virtual Applications

This software allows you to install a program or an application directly to your USB drive. Mostly, programs need to be installed in the system drive of the computer and this is the one that the virtual software captures.

Software Modification

Just by letting experts do some little modification to the software you choose, you can run it stored in a USB device. The most common approach of doing this is by copying the folder wherein the program saves its registry.