How to Clean a Dirty Touchscreen

If you’re not one to wash your hands before using your laptop, smartphone or tablet, then there’s no doubt that some cleaning is in order.

That said, non-touchscreens require less cleaning compared to touchscreens given that the latter get dirty quicker while interfering with the visual experience as well as touch sensitivity.

While these gadgets are hi-tech, it’s simple to clean them. All you need are simple tools and elbow grease.

For starters, all your need is microfiber cloth which you might already have in your possession. If not, you can easily buy one of these items at a number of places online or even at camera or computer stores.

Now, display something white on your screen, such as a word processing document, as this will help you see the dirt far more easily.

After you’ve done this, then wipe the screen while applying slight pressure. Start with straight horizontal swipes and if that does not work, wipe vertically or with a circular motion.

If the screen is still dirty, then you will need to use spray that is a mixture of vinegar and distilled water. When you prepare this mixture, fill the bottle with a 50/50 ratio, close the bottle and then shake.

At this point, turn off your computer and then spray this lotion on a clean part of the microfiber cloth and wipe as described above. No whatever you do, ensure that you don’t spray directly at the screen.

Finally, ensure that you do not turn on the computer until the screen is dry.