How To Get Your Windows XP Desktop To Resemble That Of A Mac

If there’s anything that’s true about the ‘look and feel’ of the Windows XP desktop, it isn’t as clean and ‘cool’ as the Mac OX X desktop. However, you don’t have to get yourself a Mac but all you have to do is download a free application, one being RKLauncher, that can give you that same “look and feel” that Mac owners are proud of.

So, here are the steps to getting your PC to look just like a Mac, if you are in need of an ‘overhaul’:

Step #1: Clean your desktop of all icons

Before you go about installing the application, the first thing to do is to clean your desktop of all unused icons including My Computer, My Documents and Recycle Bin. Right-click the desktop, go to “Arrange desktop icons” and then “Show desktop icons”. Ensure that there are no icons on your desktop and remove the Windows taskbar as well.

Step #2: Install the RKLauncher application

RKLauncher is an excellent application to download if you want to replicate the look of the Mac taskbar (the “dock”) for your Windows desktop. If you want your desktop to look exactly like a Mac, then you can try the RealDock for RKLauncher.

Step #3: Install other features

You can get Widgets, Safari for Windows, wallpapers to match Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard, change your mouse pointers, move your buttons with ShellWM, use appls such as cdEjectLoad, KeyVolume among several others that can make your computer look more like a Mac.