LG Display to Unveil World Largest Organic-LED and 3D LED TVs


The much-anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January has got tech geeks foaming at the mouth for many good reasons, some of which include giant TVs. The Los Angeles Times reported that LG Display has announced it will be unveiling the world’s largest Organic-LED TV, and the world’s largest 3D LED TV at CES.

Just how big are these TVs? The Organic LED TV boasts a screen size of 55 inches, while the 3D LED TV boasts a whopping 72 inches.

The Los Angeles Times points out that although these TVs may or may not be budget-friendly, they will garner attention, especially from LG’s competitor, Samsung. The company told the Times of India that they have always aimed to “actively define and lead emerging display technology markets.” Up until now, OLED technology has been limited to smaller sizes. However, LG Display has manufactured a TV that breaks these obstacles.

The Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas January 10-13.