Maximizing Employee Communication Within a Command Center

Summary: Employee communication plays an integral role in the success of a mission critical environment.

Command centers are run by operators and supervisors that must be on the same page every step of the way. Not only do they need to respond to emergency situations quickly and effectively, but they also need to be on the same page with one another.

One common problem in today’s command centers is a lack of communication between employees. Without any interaction between the operators and the supervisors, productivity levels can drop and businesses can suffer greatly.

Promote Consistency and Teamwork

Getting every individual on the same page can be difficult, especially during a crisis situation. In a mission critical environment, you’ll want to emphasize the importance of communication and seek opportunities to work as one. And, if the command center is operating on an around-the-clock basis, consistency should never be underestimated.

Cater to Each Specialist’s Strength

For every employee that you choose to hire, it’s important to utilize each person’s unique skillset to benefit the team. You’re obviously not going to hire the first person you see on the street. Rather, the people you hire have a specific set of skills that you believe can benefit your business.

For example, allocate a specialist who can provide rapid data analysis to a department that monitors each video wall system and provide him or her with tasks that can be accomplished quickly. Remember, the more you get out of your employees, the more efficient your company becomes. Training sessions can also be held for your team on a monthly, or even semi-monthly basis, to promote team strength and unity.