Powerline Adaptors: The easiest way to extend your network

There are several ways to extend the wireless and wired network in your house. The most painful and expensive method is to draw Ethernet cable through the house. Unless you have cable drops already, it will be an invasive process and could take a few days. Fortunately, there is a much easier and cost-effective way of extending your network and maintaining performance: Powerline adaptors.

Powerline adaptors use existing electrical wiring to run network signals throughout the house. You plug an adaptor into an electrical outlet and use it as an entry point for your Ethernet cables. Let’s say you want to use two more access points to increase your wireless network coverage. The first step is to connect an adaptor near the router and run the network cable from the router to the adaptor.

Next use access points and adaptors in the locations where you plan on extending the network. The router will see the access points like it would on a normal wired network. The only difference is that the data travels along the electrical wiring. Using a Powerline adapter is a cost-effective method of extending the network throughout your house.

Note that since the adaptors use electrical wiring, do not use them when the house has questionable or old electrical wiring. In such situations, there is a risk of shorting and fires.