The Benefits of a Ground Power Unit

No matter which airport you make your way to in the world, you’ll find a ground power unit being used to start an airplane or a part of the aircraft maintenance equipment kit.

There are several reasons why this portable power supply is so beneficial to the process of getting airplanes up and running again, and so here are a few reasons explained:

startpac2#1: Noiseless

With so many planes landing and taking off, running the engine on the ground can be unbearable when it comes to noise pollution. It has been so bad that the government has set new regulations when it comes to emissions (and noise levels) in aircraft maintenance. And this is where a ground power unit (apart from the portable battery pack) can be used noiselessly.

#2: Fuel-efficient

While the uses of these units bring down emission levels, they are also instrumental in bringing down costs when it comes to the use of jet fuel since these units normally use diesel, making it an excellent source of supplemental power. This is also why they are used a military tank starter.

#3: Cost-effective

Most importantly, since these units do such a great job at powering up the airplane as well use less costly fuel in other maintenance tasks, the aviation industry profits from this by cutting costs that will lower the amount of money that even customers will have to pay for air travel.