The biggest leap

The biggest leap since the original iPhone is here. At least, that is how Steve Jobs described it when he officially announced the coming of iPhone 4. The announcement was made during Jobs’ keynote address at Apple’s WWDC.
As far as physical appearances go, the phone looks very similar to the prototype that was acquired by Gizmodo earlier this year. Not much was gleaned from that prototype as it was deactivated remotely. The actual iPhone 4 has been revamped significantly enough to justify Jobs’ comment.
At 9.3 mm’s thick, this version is 24 % thinner than its predecessor. Although it seems like an obvious thing to do, what will make the size significant are the features that are packed into it. The iPhone provides a 5 MP camera as well as a flash. It also has a front facing camera for video calls. The screen resolution has jumped to a whopping of 326 pixels per inch.  This makes text look even better and comparable to print quality text. Contrast has also jumped higher to a ratio of 800:1. Multitasking is finally here. Although it is not the sort of multitasking you experience with computers or even with Symbian apps, it is a vast improvement over the previous iterations of the iPhone.
What makes this look really good is the new processor and battery that Apple has squeezed into the thin body. The A4 mobile processor, which is also found in the iPad, and a larger battery in combination provide longer talk time, more browsing time and of course, longer music and video playback time.
These are some of the major features of the iPhone 4G and it looks like Apple has once again thwarted its opposition.