The Integrity System for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one of the most high-tech industries in the world, home to everything from commercial aviation and avionics to satellite communications and space technologies. If you own a company within this industry, chances are you’re in the market for high-tech equipment for sputtering, e-beam deposition, and PECVD processes. Here’s a look at one of the top precision optics coating platform for the aerospace industry, the Integrity.

The Integrity is a fully-automated, clean-room compatible system that is designed for optical coating applications. The system can also be sued for electron beam evaporation, resistance evaporation, and ion assisted deposition. Choose from standard or custom configurations, making it possible for you to pick a configuration that suits your budget and process requirements.

The control system of the Integrity is available in semi-manual mode or fully automatic mode with one push automation to reduce system downtime. When you purchase the Integrity, you get consistent controls across all Denton Vacuum products. You also get standard software, making it possible to support and avoid costly customization fees. If you want to customize your programs, you can with source code. Finally, it has network capabilities that allow real-time, remove support and upgrades.

The Integrity also supports multiple pumping configurations. It offers diffusion, cryogenic, and turbo pump configurations to suit your unique process and budget. You can also choose from rear or bottom fitted pumps that offer easy access for service based on your workstation needs.

Denton Vacuum, LLC has provided this blog. The company offers a wide variety of thin film deposition vacuum systems and sputtering systems for many applications and processes, including ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD).