The Three Most Expensive iPhone Apps in 2011

There is no doubt that the iPhone has made its mark in taking both technology and mobile communications to the next level with its trademark ‘killer apps’ that you can download from iTunes among other things.

While most of these apps are free or cost a pittance, there are some apps that are not so cheap.  Here is a list of iPhone apps that are costliest among the lot:

#1: iVIP Black

This app costs $ 999.99.  And there’s a catch: if your bank statement indicates that you are a millionaire or a High Net Worth Individual, then you will find that this app will help you gain access to all the privileges that comes with being rich such as VIP lounges, racehorse ownership, helicopters, private islands, and penthouses in London and New York among several others.

#2: Barmax

This app was first designed while keeping the needs of California law students in mind as they can access preparation courses for $ 999.99. And with the repository of about 1371 multistate bar exam questions and 100 previously used essay questions, you will find that it can be of great use, especially if you aspire to be a lawyer.

#3: iRa Pro

The function of this app is to help you manage IP-based surveillance equipment using your phone to view video cameras and multiple servers. You can access live video feeds on your phone and operate your cameras with a digital management server for the cost of $ 899.99.