Tips to Remain Safe Online

With the advent of sexual predators and online theft, there is a growing realization amongst technical experts that parents must sit with their children and help them understand the seriousness of finding themselves in such situations.

And here is a list of tips to keep in mind when having that conversation with children:

Tip #1: Password change

Ensure that passwords are changed at least thrice a month while remembering not to have the same password for every account. It is vital that children do not give their passwords to anyone.

Tip #2: Know who your friends are

Social networking can always introduce you to new people, and for children, it is vital that they know each and every friend that they have on their list regardless of the social networking site that they use. It is a must to verify each and every of your friends on the list.

Tip #3: Privacy settings

Another important aspect of social networking sites such as Facebook and so on and so forth is privacy settings that can turn out to be disastrous if not monitored by the children themselves. They should know what information to share with whom.

Tip #4: Try Googling yourself

If people want to find information about you, Google can now be an excellent way to do so. Once you do Google yourself, you’ll know what information needs to hidden, and what doesn’t.

Tip #5: E-commerce safety

If your child has a debit/ credit card, then it is important for you to educate them in how to remain safe (and anonymous to a certain extent) when they shop online.