Why Display Marketing Works

By Ted Dhanik

Display marketing works because of the particularity that it affords its viewers. How many ads are geared towards the attention of a specific user? Or created in such a way as to divert traffic from a specifically marketed website to a business’ website? Display marketing does this- or it can, when it is purchased correctly.

Display advertisements allow the business to get the most money out of what it is spending, with the lowest CPM possible. It does this by doing the unthinkable- getting the most business out of the ads it places online. But what is the difference between this and any other online advertising business?

These advertisements utilize research and company knowledge and goals to create the display advertisements on websites. Knowing the consumer and what sells to the consumer allows the display marketer to know to advertise when and where and on which websites. So for them, it is not about the total traffic to a particular viewing of an ad on a site, which is what Facebook marketing is about. Instead, it is about where and when this ad views (and to whom) that then dictates the amount of traffic it sees.

This is where the money comes in, and the low CPM and CPC comes in. Because the ad has been so meticulously placed, it has a very high turnover rate and a low CPC rate. A great display company will repeatedly monitor these sites, and adjust the advertising to the ebb of customers visiting the site. However, no matter what, display marketing is the future of internet marketing and successful selling.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik offers his insights on display advertising in his professional blogs. Use Ted Dhanik as your chief advertising consultant.