3 Privacy Features to Consider For a Social Media Lockdown

If you think you know all about social media’s Privacy Settings, then think again. There are a number of features that you might have never seen before that can help you protect your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Yes, we’re talking about features that goes above the two-factor authentication…

So, here are 3 features  to safeguard your account that you won’t find in the privacy settings:

#1: Watch out for permissions

As you must know, every time you download an app, your personal information needs to be shared be it photos, contacts, location and Facebook account and so on and so forth. However, iOS must get your permission before doing so making them safer. The same cannot be said for Android apps ever since Google disabled the Apps Ops feature a few months ago.

Of course, since an app developer would love to gain access to your data, it’s a good idea to watch out for permissions. Think about using MyPermissions to keep track of your permissions as well.

#2: Avoid geotags at all costs

Whenever you post a seemingly harmless photo on Facebook, information like your current location can give you away. For that matter, even the information that your smartphone attaches to the photos. So, the best thing to do is turn off geotags whenever you are using social networks.

#3: Use secure (and secret) networking sites

Most social networks share personal information with advertisers. If you are particular about this not happening, then it’s time to switch to other secret networks such as Wickr, Silent Circle, Sgrouples and BitTorrent.