3 Tablet Apps That Can Help You Go Paperless

Going paperless has been doing the rounds for sometime now, and even though it seems to be catching up, there are a few companies that really have to embrace this philosophy fully.

However, it isn’t as difficult a transition to make since there are several apps that have been developed for PCs, tablets and even mobiles.

With that said, here are 3 tablet apps that can help you go paperless, and rather effortlessly:

#1: Evernote

For a while, Evernote has been the premier paperless app that can help you get rid of pieces of paper such as lists, napkin contracts as well as receipts. You can also make notes, save pictures, photograph receipts as well as clip Web pages as well. It can even read your handwriting and save it as text.

#2: SkyDrive

Almost all of us use Microsoft products at work, at some point of time or the other, and this is why SkyDrive works as an excellent option, and in the case of the latest MS Office version your documents are already uploaded to their servers, by default. Paying anywhere between $10 to $50 can get you extra space of 25 to 100 GB.

#5: Amazon Kindle

It’s simple to see that if you want to reduce the use of paper, you’ll have to get rid of books in print. The Amazon Kindle app is the best replacement for textbooks, notes or research material. Not only can adjust text size but you can also change background colors as well as an in-built dictionary.