CES 2013 Review: CardNinja

Some unions are simply meant to be, like your smart phone and your credit cards. At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a team based in Sunnyvale, California introduced a practical way to carry your credit cards with your smart phone. It’s called the CardNinja, and your colossal wallet can go in the trash.

The CardNinja is a thin pocket that securely sticks to the back of nearly any smart phone. Although sleek and thin, this new product is large enough to hold and protect your credit cards, debit cards, IDs, and even cash. We’re thinking less bulk while you’re out on a jog, running errands, or dancing away at some club – perfect!

But how does a thin pocket hold your precious cards without dropping them? Not sure, but the company promises that if you flip it over, “nothing falls out.”

In addition to combining your phone and wallet into one handy device, the CardNinja comes with a convenient lost and found feature. Simply install an app like Where’s my Droid, Find my iPhone, or Blackberry Protect, and your new wallet will tell you where it’s hiding. How? Just send a text message to your number, and it will reply with the location of your CardNinja. Handy and genius!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your old friend the wallet, the CardNinja can be yours for $19.95. Although it attaches to your phone just like a sticker, don’t worry if you experience commitment issues; The CardNinja is easily removable. Buy it in black, steel, or eggplant.