5 Ways to Increase your Download Speed

Article by Shaun An

Are you experiencing slow download speeds?

Considering the latest developments in technology, that is required these days to enjoy the entertainment that the internet has to offer, almost all of us, would have faced this problem at some point or the other.

So, here are some ways by which you can increase your download speed:

#1: Check your Ethernet connection

Not only should you update your device drivers regularly but make sure that you find the Speed and Duplex settings on your Ethernet device and check if it’s on Full Duplex settings for maximum download speed.

#2: Find a download accelerator

While there are several download accelerators that you can download from the internet, there are very few that work best. Orbit is one such example. Not only will you be able download much faster but also organize your downloads as well.

#3: Get a better internet connection

Sometimes your internet connection might not be the best one if, for example, you stay far away from the main office especially if you use DSL. The wisest thing to do is to look for another ISP or even switch to cable.

#4: Using a wireless router

If you use a wireless router, the signal is usually broadcast for 360 degrees, which makes the signal weaker. It would be advisable to use tin foil so that you can redirect the signal to where you’re situated at home to get a faster download rate.

#5: Pay your ISP more for a faster connection or find a wireless hotspot

This is probably the simplest thing that you can do to get a higher download speed or even if you don’t want spend so much, find a wireless hotspot which usually offers a high speed internet connection for users.