Social Media: Another Tool in Online Marketing

Article By Pierre Zarokian.

Facebook has created a phenomenon is today’s world. More often than not, a lull in a conversation will produce a group of people looking at their smart phones and checking their online status. Twitter and Instagram are even more elements of the public’s fascination with social media. Virtually everyone these days has access to social media sites and most of them are fans. Imagine what a company could do if it were able to start a word of mouth trend on one of these sites.

The basic idea is that a company produces content that is intended to attract the attention of people using these sites and encourages these individuals to share it with friends. If the company’s message is received favorably, then it gets shared with other people, who will in turn share it with others as well. Where most online display advertising is intended to find its way to potential customers, social media allows the customers to find each other.

The cheapest form of advertising is word of mouth. However, in the preinternet days, word of mouth advertising just couldn’t reach a large amount of individuals at one time. All of that has changed in our new age of information. These days, millions of people use social media to have access to many things, such as information, news, popular trends, friends, and the like. And through the use of social media, a company can share their message with millions of people at a fraction of the cost of other advertising techniques. The public does it for them.

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