Best Electronics Deals for December

Article Written by Shaun An


December is here, which means it’s time to buy Christmas presents for the family and friends in your life. Not sure what to buy the tech guru in the family? Looking for a great deal for yourself? Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or yourself, why not take advantage of the best deals online? We’ve scoured the net to find the best shopping deals just in time for Christmas. Here are the best electronic deals for the month of December, and how to find them!

Top-brand HD TVs

It’s hard to agree upon the best time to purchase an HDTV. Should you wait for the week before the Superbowl, or purchase it during Black Friday frenzy? The answer is neither. According to research, the best time to purchase a brand-name HDTV is from mid-December to February.

In addition to shopping between mid-December and February, you can also check out specific stores. Search for deals at membership companies such as Sam’s Club, where you might get to purchase a low-cost TV and receive free shipping. Another trick to snagging a discount is to sign up for email alerts with the major manufacturers — you’re sure to get an email about the next sale.


Computers are not cheap. So when it comes to purchasing these high-ticket items, the way to snag a deal is to shop last year’s models. Prices are reduced as new models come into view, so it’s a great time to do your research and find a computer or laptop with last year’s release date.

Another way to get deep discounts on computers and laptops is to visit websites such as HP’s. These sites usually provide great savings on software and computers.

Good luck!