How to Set Up Hibernate Mode in Windows 8

Most experts aren’t happy with certain moves that Microsoft has made with their latest operating system.

One of them includes removing the ‘Start’ button that has been the mainstay of this program (and its users) for the last few versions of the Windows operating system.

Yet there’s another issue that Windows 8 are left to grapple with, and that is the not being able to find the ‘Hibernate’ option in the Power menu. Yes, you still have access to options such as Restart, Sleep and Shut Down but you won’t find the ‘Hibernate’ option.

However, it’s possible to restore this option on your system and after following a set of instructions, this option will appear along with Restart, Sleep and Shut down again when you power down your system.

So, here’s how you can set up the ‘Hibernate’ mode in Windows 8:

Step #1: In order to get started, you’ll have to access the system’s power settings. The easiest way is to use the Windows-W combination or the Windows and the W key. This will bring up the Search Settings menu. Once this menu is opened, type ‘power’ and then select ‘Change what power buttons can do’.

Step #2: Select ‘Change settings that are currently available’, and once a window opens scroll down to the bottom so as to find the ‘Shutdown settings’ section.

Step #3: Click the box which is next to the Hibernate option and save changes.

Step #4: Now if you want your system to hibernate whenever you close the lid or press the Power button, you can also enable that setting in the ‘System Settings window.