Defining the Objectives of Your Banner Campaign

This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Banner advertising sends traffic to your banners based on preferences that you define for each campaign. Google used to be one of the only players on the scene, but there are many advertising networks today that offer specialized traffic for particular offers. If you want to experience some measure of success with your campaigns, you need to begin by defining the parameters you need to meet to be successful.

Set the Overall Goal

You should be clear on what you want to achieve with your campaign. There are multitudes of ways to accomplish this, but you need to be clear on what steps would equal success. For example, success might equal more traffic to your website or better exposure for your brand. This includes the role that all of your channels play, so while banner advertising might focus on generating leads, an organic strategy might focus on brand awareness. Be sure that you solidify these guiding principles so that the money and resources spent on these campaigns always push you toward your goals.

Lift the Brand

If your goal is to give the brand a lift, focus on display advertising that gives you traffic from popular sites in your industry. Retargeting can also help brand awareness, as you’re going after potential customers who have already viewed your website or products. Effective ads in this category bolster your offline marketing methods too, so businesses with a brick and mortar offering stand to benefit with coupon deals and special offers redeemable in-store.

Earn Traffic

For many websites, the goal of increasing traffic typically translates to more business. Blogs love more traffic because it means more readers and more advertising dollars. Sites like more traffic because it means more eyes on products. If your goal is to increase traffic, try to measure bounce rate and see what people do when they visit your site. If you can turn those visits into something actionable, you might increase your sales down the line and keep visitors engaged.

Generate Leads

Qualified leads generally bring in sales, and using banners can be effective at filtering more leads into your operation. Those who hope to generate leads through advertising must focus on cohesiveness between the ad and landing page. The most effective banners for generating leads undergo constant testing, measuring clicks versus conversions. Try to test out calls to action, button designs, photo sets and color themes to determine which configuration is the most effective. The wonderful thing about lead generation is that there are always ways to improve your margins through testing and deployment.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR. As a sales and marketing professional, Ted Dhanik has been helping boost business development for over fifteen years. To learn how engage:BDR can boost your business leads, visit Ted Dhanik online.