Employee Time Card Tips

Written by: Allied Time

An employee’s time card binds all of his hours to those punches. It’s a simple way for HR to keep track of what an employee does, and when he does those things. Businesses may even have salaried employees clock in and out to monitor the hours spent working on site. Having a time card machine is the first step toward accurately tracking time, but you must take steps to ensure the employee has access to the time clock at all times and knows how to use it.


Any time clock systems should be housed somewhere in the building where it is easily accessible. It’s a good idea to keep it in a central location, so employees do not need to spend long periods of time going to and from it to clock in each day. It’s also good for employees with forgetful minds, who may skip a clock punch if they don’t immediately see the time clock. This cuts down on time card fraud, and keeps the work place honest.


Time clocks record a punch when an employee swipes a card, provides a fingerprint, or enters some information into it. Depending on what your business needs, and how many employees you have working on site, you might require a solution that isn’t in your building. In these cases, Web based time clocks can help, but you can also choose to use a system that is more convenient. Whichever system you decide upon, make sure that the employee has a time card and that the clock will consistently read the punch each time one is made.

Around the Clock

Many companies strategically place their time clock so employees must pass by it when they enter the building each day. It’s also a good idea to keep important information near that time clock, so employees can be aware of what goes on in the company. You can post policy changes and other important documents to a bulletin board near the time card. This is a good way to get the word out about the recent changes to HRs policies, while making sure that everyone keeps track of their own time and attendance.

Final Thoughts

If you build a small center around the time clock, you’re bound to reduce fraud by employees who forget to punch out. You should also routinely reviews an employee’s clock punches to see that he is conforming to the standards of attendance set by your company. Talk with employees about flex time if required.