Engage: BDR Reinvents Real-Time Bidding Platform

At engage: BDR headquarters, cutting-edge marketing solutions are always on the menu. But instead of the usual recipes, President Ted Dhanik and the rest of his talented team are notorious for producing impressive products never offered before. So when they finally developed their own real-time bidding (RTB) platform, word quickly got around that they’re serving up something irresistible to advertisers — First Impression.

In May 2012, engage: BDR launched First Impression, the first RTB self-serve display platform specializing in direct response advertising. But it’s more than that. It is the first RTB self-serve display platform that makes it possible for advertisers to purchase inventory from publishers in the firm’s network, instead of the traditional route, through ad exchanges. Going through ad exchanges has its fair share of issues, including seeing your ads get posted on low-quality websites. However, engage: BDR’s First Impression platform allows advertisers to better target online and mobile inventory through a variety of services. The firm also makes it possible for advertisers to test campaigns, “scale on premium inventory,” and expand “campaigns into mobile.” According to Dhanik, customers of First Impression will also gain access to engage: BDR products, such as ad exchange traffic, and “inventory outside of the company’s ad network.” In short, media buyers who use First Impression gain complete control over “maximizing the value of an impression.”

If you don’t take advantage of First Impression, chances are you will be dealing with an RTB company with a background in technology. While this might seem impressive, such companies aren’t tight knit with publishers the way, let’s say, engage: BDR is – a company that has been an ad network for four years.

Since its inception in 2007, engage: BDR continues to lead the advertising industry with cutting-edge marketing solutions. To read more about Ted Dhanik and First Impression, please see the following links.