How to Download Free Software from

You’ve probably heard of software publishers allowing users to try their product for a limited period of time.

However, there are certain sites that offer free software with absolutely no strings attached and a licensed version too, and can be downloaded in a span of 24 hours or as agreed by the site owner and publisher.

One such site is and so, here is a list of steps that will show you how to download free software from this site:

#1: Log on to the website: and scroll down until you see an orange button which reads ‘Proceed to download page’. When you click it, it should take you to the download page.

#2: When the next page is loaded, and in scrolling down, you will find information about the program you are about to download such as system requirements, publisher, file size and ratings. As you scroll down further, you’ll find a blue link that reads: Download ‘Program Name’ Now. Click on this link.

#3: Once you have clicked this link, all you have to do is save the file on to your desktop and extract the files so as to install the program.

#4: Now click setup and run the program and in following the on screen setup for that program you should reach a point where a window pops up saying that the program is successfully activated while also giving you a registration code.

#5: Enter the code in the box provided for registration and click register. Once this is done, you can use the fully registered (and free) program, thanks to