Google Chrome gets built-in Cast integration

The most amazing feature of Google’s chromecast HDMI dongle is to be able to cast your Chrome browser tab directly to a bigger screen. This is possible using the chrome browser extension for the Chromecast. Fortunately, it will no longer be a necessity as Google has announced that from version 51 of Chrome, the ability to cast will be built in to the browser.

From Google:

“The Google Cast toolbar icon is no longer required in order to find or use your Google Cast device from Chrome. Google Cast functionality is now built in as part of the Chrome browser itself, so you no longer need to install the Google Cast toolbar icon Inactive cast extension  in order to use your Google Cast device from Chrome.”

Not everyone may have access to this version immediately. The update with that specific version will rollout slowly. Even if you are already on version 51, you might not yet have the exact version with the cast built in. For those who do have the right version, the “cast” button can be found in the three dot menu under Print.

Users with the option can now delete the old Cast extension, and you no longer need to specify any settings for casting. It is all taken care of:

“In previous versions of the Google Cast toolbar icon, you could set options for resolution, bitrate, quality, etc. when mirroring the contents of your tab to your Google Cast device.  These options have been removed, as the system now automatically adjusts quality, frame rate and resolution based upon your content and the quality of your network.”

The Google Cast platform has matured considerably since its initial launch. The only feature we are waiting for is the ability to cast the entire screen. What that arrives, the Chromecast will be feature complete.