How Creative Abundance Can Improve Your Life

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a book of wise teachings on how to lead a more meaningful life through mind-body-spirit cultivation.

“Pain is by no means what an event brings; Rather, it is something resulting from the ‘negative’ label we attach in our heart to the event. The more we hate a given situation, The more intense our emotions become. Once we decide to let nature take its course, enormous power will emerge right away.”

The wisdom of Zhang Xinyue states that when we feel pain due to an incident or event that has occurred in our lives, we label it pain. The continued reference to the label is what keeps the pain ‘alive.’ We pour a lot of energy into the event and the more power we give to it, the stronger it becomes. Hate is a very powerful emotion that continues to gather momentum, the more we dwell on the event that is causing pain.

We have the power to stop the pain, let it go, change the label, and let nature take its course. Trust the cosmos and when we do this, we release ourselves and will experience more positive energy and power. We open ourselves to creating abundance that can change and improve our lives immensely.

Once we remove that negative label from our hearts the event cannot have the power to harm us anymore. We can free ourselves to live a life, full of positive opportunities to create abundance.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance authored this incredible book in 2012. It has been translated from Chinese into many languages and has become an international bestseller. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue promotes, gives meaning, and finds positive ways to manage the philosophical issues of life.  

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