How to Install Any Version of Windows From any Disk That You Can Find

Article by Pierre ZarokianWindows1

One of the common problems that Windows users face is not possessing a Windows Recovery Disc, thanks to manufacturers not distributing them out anymore. Worse still is the fact that new PCs don’t optical drives either.

But there’s a solution: it involves procuring a Windows ISO files as well as Ei.cfg Removal Utility which is free. The latter is required because a key file in the ISO file will have to be deleted so as to be able to install any version of Windows on your computer.

The necessity of this removal utility is important because without which you won’t be able to install Windows 7 Professional with a Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key. When you use this utility, you will effectively create a universal Windows ISO that will install the version of Windows that matches your product key.

With that said, the first thing you do when you get a DVD with any version of Windows, the first thing you have to do is copy the ISO onto your hard disk and run the Ei.cfg Removal Utility. Once it is done fulfilling its purpose, use the Windows 7 USB/ DVD Download Tool to put this altered ISO onto a pen drive.

Now, boot your computer choosing USB in the Boot Options Menu at Startup and after which all you have to do is choose the version of Windows that you want to install on your computer not forgetting to enter the product key that you got when you first installed Windows on your computer.

With that said, don’t expect to get an upgraded version of Windows but just the one that you installed on your computer.