How Useful is Email Marketing?

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

The email marketing is not only the cheapest advertising option on the market, but also the most efficient one. This is not just a statement, but an actual fact. Try to sit down and take a look at the potential benefits of this technique. First of all, sending a message costs nothing, whether you want to send one or a thousand. Obviously, if you opt for an email marketing software, the price will be a little higher, but still below any other technique. The good news is that such a software can do anything for you. It will create specific mailing lists, provide newsletter templates, allow you to pre-write messages and send them at particular dates and so on. Basically, it is as good as an assistant.

Now, how efficient is the email marketing? According to most studies and statistics, it is the most efficient tactic. You have access to thousands of addresses, whether they are interested or not. Your messages are instant, especially if you consider the traditional printed media bulletins that take at least a few days to arrive. What about the business people? It is almost impossible to reach them on the phone. They are constantly talking, therefore an email message seems to be your main option. Besides, there are people who read their emails as often as they answer the phone. With the technologies today, most of them have cellphone alerts whenever they get a new message.

Comparing all these benefits, it is no doubt that email marketing is not just the most efficient, but also the most varied marketing technique.

Pierre Zarokian is the CEO of Submit Express, a search engine marketing company in Glendale, CA.

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