Utilizing a Command Center to Enhance Collaboration in Your Studio

Summary: Integrating a command center into your animation studio can help make the work environment much more collaborative by helping others work better together.

When working in a large organization you will likely that there are many moving parts, at any given time. In order to stay efficient as a big organization with many individuals, departments, and projects, communication and coordination are towards the top of the list of priorities. These two aspects help build a strong foundation from which your organization can work.

If you own an animation studio, there are a number of steps your teams must take to make each scene come to life and flow well together. A command center can help make your studio a more collaborative environment, fostering creativity and productivity.

More Collaboration

If you have a command center installed in your studio, you can implement it into your teams’ workflows to help them work even better together. For example, a network operations center video wall could be connected to employees’ monitors so you could have a number of people working together at once. With the system installed in a collaborative room you could also make it easier for people to display what they are working on and receive instant feedback.

Transparent Workflow

Another important way a command center can help your animation studio is by making operations more transparent. If there are multiple departments within your studio, some may not know what others are doing. By having an integrated system from Constant Technologies, Inc. or another provider with a connected LED wall, for example, it will be easier for the modeling, coloring, and editing teams to stay up-to-date with what others are doing. Cross-departmental knowledge can help people understand the needs of other departments and think of ways to make the entire work process smoother.