Setup your command bridge

Looking to setup a command bridge? Then search no further because you’ve come to the right supplier of computer workstation desks online. Our workstation designs offer panel height variations for just the right amount of privacy that you’re shooting for. In addition to height variations, each panel boasts sound deadening material to help increase privacy between workstations. Take your pick from full, one-half to one-quarter workstation configurations and enjoy various features to maximize worker output. There are task lighting options, pedestals to keep files and documents securely locked, cable management fixtures, recessed walls for the monitor and storage space for computer CPUs.

Our video wall processor allows large screen displays of presentations that are seamless. The processor works with our advanced Virtual Screen software which allows you to turn the large screen into a virtual, single windows desktop area. Such a large screen can then serve as your office primary operations display for everyone to look at. You can easily brief your people on what’s happening right in front of them without having to huddle up and leave their respective workstations.

Whether you’re in need of an LCD or DLP large display screen for use in presentations or to function as an electronic bulletin board, our screens feature audio visual integration. By integrating video and audio functions, you will be able to command the attention of your employees without the need for loud, boisterous public address systems. So start building your command bridge and workstations right now with furniture and equipment from Constant Tech.