Sluggish Internet? Try These Tips to Speed Your Way to a Faster Browsing Experience

Summary: Shoddy Wi-Fi connection? Check out these tips to boost your signal strength and maximize your Internet speed.

If you’re experiencing slow loading times when browsing the web, there are several ways to increase the overall speed of your Internet without having to upgrade your ISP Internet plan. Remember, Internet speed depends on several factors, from the internal network to the external router. If you’ve been previously browsing at a certain download speed but it just keeps on getting worse, you’ll want to do something quick.

Perform an Internet Speed Test

A good indicator of where you’re currently at is to check your Internet speed through one of the many sites that host these services – and don’t worry, they’re free of charge. Take a look at your current ISP plan and determine if you’re maximizing the speed that’s offered – note that if you’re getting 90% of the advertised speed, there’s not much you can do.

Check for Shared Connections

First of all, if you’re sharing your Internet connection with others, you’re likely to see a drastic decrease in loading times. If you’re the sole user and you still have a slow connection, perform a speed test at different times of the day. If you see a patter, the source of the problem could lie with congestion.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Needless to say, old operating systems are no longer being updated. So, if you’re stuck with Windows XP for example, you might want to consider upgrading to the latest Windows version to maximize your overall speed settings.

Other major things you need to look out for are viruses and malware that are plaguing your computer. Simply run an antivirus program and remove them immediately. Viruses tend to communicate with master servers and depending on what type of data they’re stealing from you, can massively slow down your Internet. Start by changing the password for your network and choose something that can’t be easily hacked. For instance, the security key “bunny3” is one of the easiest passwords to guess, even for the novice hacker. Rather, combine a numerical pattern with random letters to strengthen your password. For example, try a password such as “lor015g61br22” as opposed to the ole “bunny” password. It’s much harder to crack and will provide you with a massive security upgrade.

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