3 New Features Available in Windows 10

Even if only a preview has been released, Windows 10 still has a number of new features that gives users additional functionality.

While some of these features can be used naturally, there are others that will remain hidden to users not unless a few tweaks or tricks are used to gain access.

Having said that, here are the 3 new features in Windows 10:

#1: Touch-Friendly Office Apps

Touch-friendly Office apps will almost be completed for any type of device that uses Windows 10, regardless of size and shape. A preview of these apps was released to testers completely free of cost just recently too. If you’d like to try them, then you must know that these Office previews won’t be available in the green, tiled Windows Store but the grey-tiled Windows Store app instead.

anextek#2: New Command Line Features

There are a number of new command line features in Windows 10 along with the ability to copy and paste to the command line, using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. In order to activate these features, open the command prompt and right-click the title bar and select ‘Properties’. The new features can be found under the Experimental tab.

#3: Scheduled Restarts

If you’ve got pending updates that will require you to reboot your system, you can schedule this at a particular time. For this, go to the Settings option in the Start menu and then navigate to Updates and Recovery and finally, Windows Update. If there is an update pending, you can find it on the screen to the left that will help you reschedule as soon as you click the ‘Select a restart time’ radio button.