3 Tools to Remove Duplicates from your Hard Drive

One of the biggest issues with owning a PC involves shrinking storage as soon as the amount of music, pictures and documents continue to add up.

Of course, in order to deal with this, the only option that you have is to buy new storage but before which you could delay for as long as possible by deleting duplicate files, if they exist.

Having said that, here are 3 tools that help reduce the clutter on your system:

#1: WinMerge
This tool comes in handy if you have a number of text files lying around. In particular, this tool will help you to compare two versions of a document and see the differences on your screen. Of course, you have the option of merging the text into one document.

This tool isn’t about looking for similar files in directories like the next two tools being discussed. At first, it might feel a little overwhelming when using WinMerge’s interface but visual cues are available to understand how everything works.

#2: DoubleKiller

DoubleKiller is an all-purpose tool that can help you to scan folders, your entire drive or even other PCs on the network and which can compare file name, content, modification date and size. While it does have a lot of good features, the interface is anything but straightforward. If you are confused, start by adding new folders to be scanned under the Options tab and then go back to the DoubleKiller tab and click Run. Once this is done, you can either delete the duplicates or move them to another location.

#3: dupeGuru Picture Edition

This tool is used for finding duplicate pictures and which are the top source of this problem given that there are a number of times we move files to new PCs, restore data from back-ups or even keep them in cloud service. It’s very easy to use. All you have to do hit Scan and let the tool do the rest.