3 Windows 8 Annoyances and their Solutions

It’s been almost a month since Windows 8 has been release for general use, and is for all practical purposes, a paradigm shift, in terms of this new operating system’s platform.

However, with this drastic change come certain quirks that one can only describe as irritating, with users still trying to learn how this new operating system works.

So, here are three Windows annoyances and simple steps to resolve them:

#1: No DVD Playback

Even though Windows 8 does have Windows Media Player, it lacks DVD support. If you are reluctant to opt for a digital-only lifestyle just yet, then the immediate solution is to get the optional Windows Media Center or better still – the VLC or the VideoLAN Player.

#2: Missing Delete Confirmation Dialog box

By default, Windows 8, unlike older versions of Windows, does not request for a confirmation when you want to delete a file, and drops into the Recycle Bin. While one advantage might be that you use lesser number of clicks to delete a file, there’s also the likelihood that one might delete a file by mistake.

To fix this, right-click on the Recycle Bin and select Properties after which you check the Display Delete Confirmation Dialog box.

#3: Lack of POP Email Support

If you must know, there is no POP email support when you use Windows 8, thanks to Microsoft’s IMAP syncing functionality that is more suited to the work-from-anywhere, cloud-connected approach that has been envisioned for Windows 8.

But what about non-techies who still use POP email?

What you can do is either download Mozilla’s Thunderbird email application or you can even link your POP email account after creating free accounts at Gmail or Outlook.com.