4 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Computer Without Upgrading Your Hardware

If your computer, which used to run fast, has slowed drastically, it’s obvious that it has nothing to do with the hardware.

While you can upgrade your CPU or increase the amount of RAM, this won’t solve the problem as it might be related to not cleaning out Windows.

This has nothing to do with reinstalling Windows either as simple steps can speed up your computer greatly.

So, here are 4 of these steps:

#1: Avoid multitasking

For this, you’ll have to change your habits a bit when it comes to using a number of programs when working on your computer. Instead, and very simply, reduce the number of programs you use simultaneously and this should speed up your computer in the process.

#2: Look for resource hogging processes

Sometimes a poorly written resource will be the reason why your computer is running so slow.  To fix this, right-click on the taskbar and opt for Start Task Manager while also selecting the Processes tab. Click the Memory column and you’ll find which program is taking up a lot of space. Close this program, using the End Process button, so as to stop it from running.

#3: Get rid of autoloaders

As soon as Windows boots, it runs a number of autoloaders. So, the obvious solution is to find a list of these autoloaders as well as disable or enable and reboot your machine after you have done so. For this, click Start and Run, type msconfig ad hit th enter key. When System Configuration comes up, select the Startup tab and disable items as you wish.

#4: Search for malware

It would be doubtful that malware is slowing down your machine but it is worth checking. This is because good malware will draw attention to itself in this manner.