5 Tips to Make Your Use of Windows 8 Easier

No matter how experienced you are as a PC user, Windows 8 is sure to throw you off balance especially when you’ve just installed it on your system. The operating system, being the first of its kind, amongst the other Windows options available can be perceived as strange by first-time users. So, here are 5 tips that will make your use of Windows 8 much easier:
#1: Using Hotkeys
Learning hotkeys can help you get around. Usually it involves holding down the Windows key and tapping another key. For example, Windows+M minimizes everything while Windows + F opens a file and folder search.
#2: Closing an Application
It’s true that ‘Close’ buttons are hard to locate in Windows 8. Apart from using Alt+F4 and Task Manager, you can also drag your mouse from the top all the way to the bottom after which it will dissappear.
#3: Use ‘Search’ on the Charms Bar
You can find a lot of information pertaining to ‘Search’ on the Charms bar whether they are email messages, installed apps, external apps, system settings and files. Type in a keyword and hit ‘Enter’ and you’ll find what you need.
#4: Create a Picture Password
Instead of a text passwork, one can use a picture password along with a few gestures, keeping direction in mind, in order to protect their PC. Circles, swipes and clicks are gestures you can use to create the picture password.
#5: Refresh your PC
Unlike before where you had to use your copy of Windows to run a fresh install, now, with Windows 8, you can do it without needing a CD. How you do this is by accessing Settings and Go to PC Settings. After this, access the ‘General’ tab and select ‘Refresh your PC without affecting your files’. Select ‘Get Started’ and ‘Refresh.