50 Cent Brings Star Power to SMS Audio Booth at CES

When you go to CES in Las Vegas, you expect to see the “rock stars” of the tech world. What you don’t usually expect to see is a bonafide music superstar at one of the booths. But that’s just what happened at the SMS Audio booth during this year’s show, as rapper and actor 50 Cent made an appearance at the booth to sign autographs and give away some products.

50 Cent was there to promote his own new company SMS Audio, which makes high-end headphones. Targeted toward music professionals and other high-end audio types, the SMS Audio headphones called “Street by 50” feature top-end quality. They come in both wireless and standard models and are available for $399.95 and $299.95 respectively.

As you can imagine, having 50 Cent at the booth was a real boost to SMS Audio and it was one of the places to be during the show when he was there. 50 Cent spent time throughout the week at the booth signing autographs and meeting his fans. As you can imagine, the lines to meet 50 Cent were almost as long as waiting for an “American Idol” audition and things were pretty crazy. It was tough to get close enough to get an “up-close” picture of 50 Cent, but I was able to get some video footage of him at the booth.

SMS Audio had more than just star power on display at CES. They also turned to one of the standbys of trade show success to draw crowd – giveaways. SMS Audio give away five sets of autographed hats and headphones twice a day to fans who were at the show. I entered but didn’t win. Oh well – better luck next time.

UPDATE: Please click here to see discount Promo Codes for SMA Audio headphones.

Crowd gathered at CES 2012 to get a glimpse of 50 Cent.