A Comparison Between GPS and The LoJack

There’s no doubt that ever since the United States Department of Defense chose to release a commercial version of its navigation system known as the GPS system, there has been a lot of changes for the better.

While this navigation system uses satellite tracking to pinpoint the position and time when a particular object was at any given point here on Earth, there are several applications that can be developed to use this technology to the maximum.

Take for example, logistics whether it means transporting goods or people, and in being able to keep a check on fleets of vehicles at the same time by means of a GPS tracking device attached to each vehicle, you can not only determine whether or not productivity levels are being maintained or not.

What this does for the transportation industry is also helps them determine the shortest route to any destination, and thus determine the approximate amount of time it could take for any vehicle to reach that particular location as well. And if you didn’t know this already, you can prevent your employees from fooling around too, and perhaps, save a lot of time and money in the process.

While the lojack is also getting rave reviews for being able to detect theft, it pales in comparison to the reach that the GPS system has in place as well.

All in all, in using this system for your organization, you will not only save time and money but you can also get discounts when it comes to insurance as well.