A new iphone app that takes voice commands to complete tasks

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Evie. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I recently received an sponsored offer to review this iPhone app. After reading about it, I can’t wait to try it out myself. It is basically an app that makes your iPhone take voice commands from you and complete tasks. This is a great feature, specially for those that drive a lot. With all the laws in most states, making texting while driving illegal, you can feel more comfortable using your cell phone with voice commands and not get tickets. The app is called Evie. Below are some of the features:

You can announce the name of anyone in your contacts or announce the phone number to call them. For example: “Call Janet on her cell phone” or “Call 555-828-1234.”   You can also  play any song from your music library, simply by calling the song name, artist or genre. You can also play podcasts and audio books. For example: “Play Michael Jackson” or “Play The Way you Make me Feel.”

If you are driving and need to find a point of interest or business around where you are, you can again use the voice command. For example: “Find the nearest hospital” or “find Taco Bell in Simi Valley.”

Finally, you can also make your iPhone read you your Facebook feeds. It is a great feature to save more time.

Evie is a great app specially for while you are driving. It’s also great if you are a mom and got your kids in the car. Everyone knows how tough it is to raise kids, so anything that can help in freeing up some time, is a great help. Best of it is completely free. To find out more about the app or to download visit the Evie website.

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