A New iPod Release?

The iPhone just got here and people are either still gaga over it or have started their irritated ranting’s. Now Apple is getting ready to release an updated iPod in the near future. As near as fall that is.

Rob Henessey set the forums on fire with his musings on the next iPod. He said that the upcoming iPod Touch will feature a five megapixel camera with flash, HD video recording capabilities and a gyroscope. He also said that FaceTime would also be included. FaceTime is Apple’s own video call making app.

Sounds fantastical? Well nothing is improbable. U.K. retail giant John Lewis, the company for which Henessey works for as a buyer, attributed the comments to speculation. They also said that Henessey and Apple had had no direct contact or discussion about the device in question.

Although Apple has not responded to these claims, it could be the best thing the company can do to divert attention from the flawed iPhone 4G. The much hyped and much awaited product hit the shelves only to run into a host of bugs. The most notable of which is the poor call quality which basically renders the iPhone 4G into a very expensive iPod (much like the one described by Henessey). Apple has been trying to find a fix for this issue, but short of recalling and replacing all their products there doesn’t seem to be a proper solution.
Currently the only solution they have for users is, “Hold the phone the way we want you to”.